State pension age increased this week in UK


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State pension age increased this week in UK

STATE pension age increases have been occurring incrementally for a number of months now and the latest increase occurred yesterday. People born in between certain dates will now see their state pension age rise from 65 to 66.

The government has plans to increase the state pension age to 68 in the coming years and generally it has been increasing state pension age in increments.

This week, the last incremental change occurred before the blanket change comes into effect in October.

From Sunday, anyone born between September 6 1954 and October 5 1954 will have reached their state pension age.

From October, anyone born between October 6 1954 and April 5 1960 will reach their state pension age on their 66th birthday.

It should be noted that even when a person reaches their state pension age they will not automatically receive their payments.

State pension payments will need to be claimed.

Retirees will be able to claim their state pension within four months of reaching their state pension age.

The government detail that the quickest way to claim a state pension is to apply online through their website.

Source – Express