29 Jun
Boris Johnson To Unveil New Infrastructure Plan

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson will launch new infrastructure plan this week to get Britain “moving […]

23 Jun
Britain Approves Spending Of £3.5 Billion On Railway Bailout

Britain has so far approved spending on railway bailout of 3.5 billion pounds to keep […]

16 Jun
Bank Of England ‘ready To Act’ As Economy Shrinks Record 20%

Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey has said he will be “ready to take action” […]

09 Jun
After Covid We’re Going To Need A Serious Urban Regeneration Plan

Urban regeneration plan, the government must urgently devise a strategy to devolve both power and […]

02 Jun
UK Helps Employers With Slow Phase-in Of Job Shield Costs

British finance minister Rishi Sunak offered fresh help to employers hammered by the coronavirus shutdown […]

25 May
Why The Treasury’s Panic Over Debt, When Borrowing Costs Next To Nothing?

Even avid free-marketeers see that only state money can get growth going, but the chancellor […]

18 May
Debt Will Soar, The Government Must Just Stay Cool And Focus On Growth

UK debt soars; Some in the Treasury are panicking about a debt pile set to […]

11 May
Britain’s Job Retention Scheme Set To Be Extended To September

Job Retention Scheme extension till September for furloughed workers. Chancellor Rishi Saunak is ready to […]

04 May
Hundreds Of UK Firms Join Forces To Sue Hiscox Over Lockdown Insurance

Policyholders with £50m-plus cover push for payout over shutdown due to disease – are joining […]

28 Apr
Bosses Appeal To The Government For A Lockdown Exit Plans

Institute of Directors says its members are ‘clamouring’ for details so they can make plans […]