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19 Oct
Plan To Prevent Youth Unemployment
Former Labour prime minister’s proposal part of plan to prevent youth unemployment. Gordon Brown calls […]
15 Oct
Sage Document Sidelined By UK Government
The government’s committee of scientific experts urged ministers to impose a circuit breaker lockdown on […]
12 Oct
Arts Organisations Across England To Receive £257m Survival Fund
Over 1,300 theatres, museums, orchestras and music venues to receive lifeline for next six months […]


The working and administration of non-profit organizations are very different from profit-making business. It requires tailored services under the Charities Act, Charities SORP and other legislation.

Unlike profit-generating businesses Not-for-profit work for the needs of the society. As they do not have the owners but the trustees who look their mission and financial aid from the contributors, membership dues, program revenues, fundraising events, public and private grants, and investment income.

As there are no owners there cannot be the distribution of profits. It cannot legally earn profits.  However, having revenues that exceed expenses is almost a necessity for a non-profit if it hopes to withstand.

  • We help in making understand that it is the not-for-profits that qualify for deductions, not the donor contributions.
  • We can guide to management and administration regarding tax structure and overheads structures.
  • It requires tailored services under the Charities Act, Charities SORP and other legislation.
  • We can help you reach our Networking towards the fundraiser for your event or program and proposals.
  • We help in making a financial statement which are different than profit business.
  • We can also update you with the regulations that affect the financial position and contributions under restricted and non-restricted deductions.
  • Help in maintaining the ledger and cash accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll.